Parent-Teacher Conference Week Resources

Parent Teacher Conference Week – Teacher Resources for Families

Parent and teacher meeting at a table looking over worksheets

Parent-Teacher conferences provide families with an opportunity to meet with their child’s teacher to share their aspirations, as well as to obtain guidance to better support their child.  Parents and teachers share a common goal for the success of their student.  To help families prepare for the parent-teacher conferences, Parent University has gathered tip sheets and online resources that you can share with your families. Teachers are encouraged to provide these resources to their families prior to Parent-Teacher Conference Week.


Tip sheet for parents for Parent Teacher Conferences – Parents

Consejos para padres para Reunión de Padres y Maestros

Guidance document for teachers on student assessments: ParentTalkingPoints

NBC Parent Toolkit: Parent-Teacher Conferences news and advice:

Information for families to prepare for the Parent-Teacher Conference