SSHS Cadets Help a Family Recover from a Devastating House Fire, Find Belongings

SSHS cadets helping a family

SSHS cadets help a family recover

On July 5, 2017, Ken and Sue McGuire lost their home to the Winnemucca Ranch fire.  With only two minutes of warning, they evacuated with little more than their clothes on their backs.  All the things accumulated over decades were lost.


SSHS cadets help a family

SSHS cadets help a family recover

Ken had retired from law enforcement and a corrections career long ago and among the things lost in the fire was a display case of badges and hats he had worn while serving. Hearing of this tragedy, the Spanish Springs High School JROTC volunteered to help in any way they could. On Saturday, Sept. 9, more than 50 cadets volunteered their time to help recover some of the precious memories the McGuires lost by sifting through the ashes of their former home.  The cadets learned the real meaning behind the saying that “many hands make light work”.

All of the lost items were recovered, including police and sheriff deputy badges, coins from a collection, and Boy Scout memorabilia. Surprisingly, a silver dollar was also recovered, which had a hole drilled though it because Sue’s father had worn it around his neck for luck throughout World War II.

The Spanish Springs cadets were happy to help Ken and Sue and really lost themselves in the service of others.  They learned the valuable lesson of how serving others benefits you just as much as or more than the recipient.  In the end, if you looked at them, you would see 50 gleaming smiles of the Spanish Springs cadets shine forth from dirty faces.  They will not soon forget that day.

Needless to say, Ken and Sue McGuire were very grateful for the cadets and their service.  Ken McGuire said at the end of the event, “I’ve worked with Boy Scouts, I’ve worked with Cub Scouts, I’ve never worked with a group as good as you guys. That’s a heck of a compliment.  Thank you.”