Woo-Betts Create Partnerships Between High School and Elementary Students

Jenny Hixson, a teacher at Roger Corbett Elementary, had an intriguing idea during a road trip. What would happen if there was a collaboration between her third-grade students and nearby Wooster High School? Her fellow third-grade teachers (Ileana Arellano, Lateisha Sheldon, Sarah Vollenhals, and Heidi Burt) and their school principal, Denise Dufrene, loved the idea and marched over to Wooster High to propose the idea. Wooster Leadership teacher Amanda Pippin and Wooster Principal Leah Keuscher agreed and the result is Woo-Betts, a team project between students at Wooster High and Corbett Elementary.

Wooster High School students serve as mentors to more than 100 students at Corbett Elementary School, helping their