Professional Learning Recognition Program for WCSD Support Professionals

Professional Learning Recognition Program for WCSD Support Professionals

The WCSD Professional Learning Recognition Program for Education Support Professionals was developed in 2011 by the Staff Development Council. The Council conducted needs assessment surveys in 2011 and 2014. The Council also studied program models from other organizations, worked collaboratively to develop a framework model, and created criteria for success. Some of the benefits of the program are as follows:

  • Quality and rigor in professional learning
  • Potential for advancement
  • Recognition from staff members
  • Effectiveness in planning for professional growth
  • Choice among a variety of free, job-specific class offerings

For information about the ESP Career Path Recognition Program, go to

More than 700 ESP employees were recognized for completing a minimum of 10 WCSD course hours during the 2016-2017 school year.

2016-2017 ESP Professional Learning Certificate Recipients

20 Blue Diamond Certificate recipients completed at least 100 hours of coursework:

Andrea Grigg, Ashley Leal, Audra Hammerling, Billy Jennings, Denise Roberto, Eloisa Guillen Garcia, Ibis Michelangeli, Jamie Albright, John Carothers, Joshua Brackett, Laura Rodriguez Roman, Luciana Hansen, Martha Flores, Meghen Hadley, Nancy Sorensen, Nicole Lee, Nikki Avera, Oshrat Orenstein, Merle Santiago, and Vera Adams

3 Diamond Certificate recipients completed between 75.25 and 99.75 hours of coursework:

Denise Julian, Lucia Roman, and Sue Schlottmann

17 Platinum Certificate recipients completed between 55.25 and 75 hours of coursework:

Amber Wagner-Nauhm, Baillie Stewart, Blanca Medina, Cheryl Clinton, Christina McClaughrey, Holly Wayman, Janet Williams, Laura Bridwell Engel, Leslie A. Boucher, Lisa Mazza, Luis Chavez Torres, Marlene Sheffield, Meredith Ladich, Paola Rojas Zelada, Richard Sheffield, Sonya Miller, and Timothy Hines

39 Gold Certificate recipients completed between 40 and 55 hours of coursework:

Anita O