Incline Highlanders Host Superintendent Davis

I recently sat down with Principal Andrew Yoxsimer to talk about graduation initiatives at Incline High School. We had a great conversation about his seniors, the Class of 2019. They have 81 students in the cohort and Principal Yoxsimer and his staff know each student’s academic standing. That is one of the benefits of the smaller enrollment number at Incline HS. The entire administrative and counseling team meet regularly with students to review transcripts and direct students to tutoring and other supports to help them with their academic challenges. We also talked about their blended learning model and technology initiative. Administrators and staff are pleased with these programs.

I asked about the “Best Buddies” club since I learned about it last year during my visit. This program builds one-to-one friendships between people with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities. Students at Incline HS have embraced this program and it has been growing in both participants and activities. Recently, they have been doing events with both high school and elementary school students as well as the community. I am proud of all the students who are taking advantage of the wonderful opportunities provided by Best Buddies.

Over a dozen freshmen joined me for a luncheon where we talked about the District’s goal of supporting all students to reach the finish line and graduate from high school. I encouraged them to persevere and use the supports available to them if needed. We had several conversations about the opportunities for them after graduation that include college, highly skilled careers, and the military. I highlighted the importance of being fully engaged in high school and developing friendships that may last a lifetime. I also like to have students ask me questions so that I can address issues that are important to them. I fielded questions about holidays, PE requirements, uniforms, off campus privileges, Digital School Days, and career options at WCSD.

It was a real pleasure to visit classrooms and see the great relationships that teachers have with the Incline students. Students in health and AP Statistics were engaged and having great dialogue with each other about their lessons. The smaller classes allowed all of the students to participate in the conversation and everyone was respectful of each other.

Courney Taves who teaches freshman English, AP Literature, and drama spoke to us about a professional development training that she is incorporating into her curriculum. She also shared details about The Wizard of Oz play at Incline HS. She told us about the 30 students who will be acting in the play and encouraged us to look at the theater as they prepared for opening night. Prinicpal Yoxsimer took me to the theater to see the spectacular set. It was beautiful, colorful, and truly spectacular. Break a leg, Incline HS Drama Club!

Students in Doug Brubaker’s Formal Geometry class were working in groups to solve equations. I learned that all students at Incline HS take Formal Geometry and Mr. Brubaker has embraced the goal to help all students succeed in this honors class.

I visited Natalie Whaley’s English 3-4 class where students were writing in their journals. They were highlighting the details of holidays and practicing descriptive writing.

I talked to Tina Pazell about her CLS classes. She shared her enthusiasm and excitement about her students and their progress. They were planning a Friends-giving celebration during the holidays. It sounds like they are going to have an amazing feast.

I always enjoy the comradery I find at Incline HS as I talk to students, teachers, office staff, school police, and the administrators. They are a team of caring individuals who provide an excellent school for their students. Thank you for a great time in Incline. Go Highlanders!