Lincoln Park Elementary School participates in Great Nevada ShakeOut event

Students at Lincoln Park Elementary School along with students throughout Washoe County School District participated in the Great Nevada ShakeOut. This international event is part of an effort to teach our students and staff members about how to protect themselves during an earthquake. Students practice the “Drop, Take Cover, and Hold On” protocol during a drill to simulate a quake.

Immediately after the earthquake drill, the school conducted a fire drill for students to practice evacuating their classrooms. Staff members wore neon yellow vests and held up color-coded cards to signify that all students were accounted for. The vests and cards help school administrators and/or emergency crews know on sight the status of every classroom and student.

Lincoln Park Elementary School principal Tracy Fisher was proud of how well students behaved during these drills. She knows that practice is critical to keeping her students safe.

Please enjoy pictures from Julianne Prettyman’s exceptionally well-behaved second grade students during the drills.