Superintendent visits Reno High School

I was treated to an impressive display when I arrived at Reno High School. JROTC cadets flanked the entrance to the school and I walked under their arch of sabers to begin my visit. The cadets were sharply dressed in their uniforms and I was proud to receive their formal greeting.

Principal Kris Hackbusch greeted me by the school’s digital information sign with multiple pictures of me and a warm welcome message. We joined the rest of the Reno High School administrative and counseling teams in the Career and College Center where I heard about the new and continuing programs in place at Reno High School. They all shared details about their Class of 2019 cohort, student enrollment increases, and how they are working with individual students to support attendance and learning. I learned about the new after-school study club, success with Freshman Seminar, professional learning, and student voice initiatives. There is a lot of great work happening at Reno High School.

I hosted a small group of freshmen students for lunch in the Link Piazzo Alumni Center. It was great to talk to all of these students individually and learn about their experiences and goals. We also talked as a group about making it to the finish line and using all resources available to graduate. We talked about their transition from middle school, their appreciation for the student mentors that help them navigate high school, and Homecoming. These students are active and engaged in school clubs and they shared how important this is to them. I also enjoyed having the students ask me questions about a variety of topics. They were an engaging, fun group.

I visited several classrooms where I saw energetic teachers and interactive students. The students in Mike Edwards’ science class were talking about minerals, gems, and mining. The conversation included questions and facts about precious gems, carats, and the cut of these stones. Who doesn’t like to learn about diamonds?

Matt Och’s AP US History students were having a robust discussion about the Constitution. They were highlighting the judicial, legislative, and executive roles specific to the Articles of the Constitution. The depth of their conversations and understanding was quite impressive.

In France Deschenes’ French class, I sat with a group of students as they were competing in a game with other students in the class. All of the groups were tasked with thinking of more new answers than the other groups. It was fast-paced and entertaining. Even though the answers were all in French, I understood most of them. The students were very clever and innovative.

Reno High School’s library was renovated recently into a comfortable hub of activity for all students. During my visit to the library, I saw an AP Psychology class having a lesson in the library. There were groups of students working collaboratively on social studies projects. There were individual students studying. The atmosphere and seating is conducive to learning for all of these students and their needs.

I certainly appreciated the time Principal Hackbusch, the staff, and students shared with me. I had a great time at Reno High School and wish them a very successful 2018-2019 school year. Go Huskies!