Roy Gomm Elementary School hosts Superintendent Davis

Principal John Sutherland hosted Trustee Raymond, Trustee Mayer, Deputy Superintendent Dr. McNeill, and me for a wonderful visit at Roy Gomm Elementary School. The friendly office staff greeted us and shared details about the exciting things happening at Gomm ES this year. It is always such a pleasure to talk to school staff members.

To begin our tour of the school and classrooms, we went into the multi-purpose room where Debbie Myre had third grade students singing and playing instruments. One of the students came over to talk to me about what the music class was doing. She was very polite and articulate. It was so nice to hear from her and to listen to beautiful singing and playing by her classmates.

Kindergarten students in Kris Kreutzian’s class were all attentively engaged in a lesson on the whiteboard about a story they had read. They were focused on sight words in the story and using pictures and colors to relate to the story. After saying hello and waving to all of us, they went right back to focusing on their lesson. You could see how much they all enjoyed participating in their work.

Erin Macaluso and her fourth-grade students were working through a science lesson and hands-on experiment. Every group of students was tasked with solving a situation by coming up with a plan and then testing the theory to rescue a gummy worm. The official lesson was called “Engineer Design Process”. The lesson was stimulating and engaging for every single student in the room. I enjoyed not only watching the students perform the experiment, but also having students explain and then try their solution.

The students in Jason Ventetuolo’s fourth-grade class were making beautiful pictures of birds using colored pencils and water. The Gomm ES PFA funds an art teacher who provides art lessons to every class throughout the year. All of the students benefit from art teacher Joy Brackney’s passion and expertise.

The students in Linnea Daker’s K-3 CLS class were busy working on multiple projects. Many students were making fall pictures by gluing bright, beautiful leaves to their construction paper. Other students were working on a worksheet with Ms. Daker. The smiles on all of the student’s faces showed me how much they were enjoying their lessons.

Kaitlyn Shaller’s 4-6 CLS class was learning about weather. They were discussing the difference between weather watches and weather warnings. The lesson was on the whiteboard and students were taking turns answering questions on the whiteboard for the class. The students were doing really well answering the questions and explaining their answers.

All of the students in Stephanie Hix’s sixth-grade class were having a group discussion about their team projects. They were establishing rules and goals for their teams. The teams were working on a big project involving an information reading and writing assignment, and class presentation. The collaborative conversation was interesting and I could see that the discussion was helping to set the foundation for success and cooperation for each group moving forward on their project.

Mona Melton’s fifth- and sixth-grade SWAS students were doing research for their big yearlong project. Students told me about the topics they were researching. The topics varied and included astronomy, robotics, fiber optics, anatomy, and physical therapy. Each students was doing research that will culminate in a report and class presentation. I was intrigued by the wide variety of topics and impressed with the students’ passion for their research.

Thank you to Principal Sutherland, the Gomm ES staff, and Gomm students for hosting me during my wonderful visit. I enjoyed the time I spent on this campus. I am also pleased to congratulate the Gomm Gophers on their recent recognition as a national Blue Ribbon School. I am so proud of them for this distinguished accomplishment!