Superintendent Davis spends time with Sparks Railroaders

Principal Kevin Carroll and his amazing team welcomed me to Sparks High School. I enjoyed hearing about the graduation initiatives from senior class counselors Angela Heard and RD Gutual. They shared information about their senior class and the powerful stories of success, perseverance, and hard work. They strive daily to support “Every Child, By Name and Face, to Graduation.” Each student represents an opportunity to be a productive citizen in our community. Sparks High School’s staff and students embrace their motto – “Embrace the Target” – to help students graduate from high school. Their message was powerful and inspiring.

I also met the Boys Soccer Team captains. We talked about their season and the goals they have set as a team. They presented me with a SHS Soccer shirt. Best of luck to them!

I enjoyed hosting ninth-grade students for lunch. We talked about their academic journey toward graduation and about the importance of getting to the finish line and graduating from high school to provide them with choices and options for the future. They recognized that this achievement would afford them the essential skills needed to achieve what they want in life. Part of our conversation addressed never giving up and making time to build memories with friends. The students also asked me questions. They wanted to know about my high school experiences and growth within WCSD and our community. We also talked about sports and music – two of my favorite topics!

Spending time with students and teachers in classrooms is always a pleasure and I was able to visit classrooms during my visit at Sparks High School. We visited Jannet Roman’s senior English class. Students were journaling about college including costs and accessibility of higher education. There was healthy dialogue in the small group discussions and I was happy to join in on these conversations. Hearing the students’ perspective is so valuable. Ms. Roman is a relatively new teacher and this is her first year teaching at Sparks High School. I am sure she feels quite comfortable since she is an SHS alum!

Sophomores in Scott Grange’s AP World History class were having a dynamic conversation about Sparta. They were using this to prepare to write an essay. It sounds like their work was going to be interesting!

The students in Robert Smith’s Honors Chemistry class were prepping for a quiz. One student took time to explain the material to me. He really knew what he was talking about and I am sure he was going to excel on the quiz.

Our final classroom visit was to Theresa Gronek’s room. They requested to have Principal Carroll visit so they could present him with a 50th birthday crown! Thanks to Principal Carroll for spending part of his birthday with me. Many thanks to the entire SHS team of staff and students for making me feel so welcome at their school. Go Railroaders!