Pleasant Valley Mustangs host Traci Davis

Principal Derek Cordell and I spent time together visiting with students and teachers at Pleasant Valley Elementary School. During the tour, we visited classrooms, the playground, library, and school garden. Students and teachers were all engaged in learning and the school grounds and garden were beautiful.

In Chad Fawley’s fifth grade classroom, he was leading the students in an online reading assignment for their science lesson. The students were reading and discussing the solar system. The students were talking about the new information they were learning to gain a better understanding. I enjoyed watching their discussion and listening to their rich dialogue. All the students were participating and focused.

Next door, in Andrea Montgomery’s classroom, the fifth grade students were finishing their data tracking sheets. They complete these daily to stay organized and on top of their schoolwork. This exercise helps prepare them to make a smoother transition to middle school next year. They are learning how to switch classrooms for different subjects while keeping track of everything they are working on. The students’ engagement and the high level of activity impressed me.

Fourth grade students in Gaelen Demosthenes’ class were singing the Nevada state song and learning about “the sage and the pines” they sang about for a science lesson. The words of the song were shown on the whiteboard along with gorgeous pictures of the Nevada landscape.

Courtney Hurlbert’s fourth graders were also doing an assignment using the Nevada state song. They were reading the lyrics and finding synonyms for some of the unique words to help make the meaning more clear. Since our state song was written in 1932, fourth graders do not commonly use a few of these words today!

Jennifer Chandler, the music teacher, was playing her guitar while the class of third grade students were singing the school song. They sounded great! The students were also talking to Ms. Chandler about the performances they are planning for the upcoming annual Stampede Carnival event. It looks like there are going to be quite a few great performances by our talented students.

In Tami Mothershead’s first grade classroom, the students were taking turns reading aloud. They had written a short story about an animal. The students also drew pictures of the animal in their story. All of the kids were enthusiastic as they read about their animal and the other students were great listeners.

First grade students in Hillarie Jones’ class were doing a math lesson. They were doing subtraction using a countdown machine and number lines. The students were explaining how they solved the problem and demonstrated a good understanding of the concept.

I also spent time on the playground during kindergarten-, first-, and second grade recess. Pleasant Valley has a beautiful playground with lots of room and activities for the students. The school has an outdoor classroom where each grade level has a raised bed garden. All of the plants and flowers were magnificent. I ended my visit in the amazing and beautiful school library. Librarian Stephanie Pirtle and Principal Cordell are very proud of their library. The library was remodeled with financial support from the school’s PTA. The decoration and functionality of the library was superb and I can tell that is a happy, comfortable setting for all of the students.

A big thank you to Derek and his team for hosting me. Pleasant Valley Elementary School is an amazing community school in a beautiful setting. I am proud of all of the Pleasant Valley Mustangs.