Davis enjoys visit to Double Diamond Elementary School

Staff and students at Double Diamond Elementary School, one of our Multi-Track Year-Round schools, hosted me for a visit. I enjoyed visiting with the students and teachers on yellow, purple, and blue tracks. Although some of these students had a shorter summer, students in every classroom were focused and eager to learn.

Principal Tom Wortman guided Deputy Superintendent Dr. Kristen McNeill, Board of Trustees Clerk John Mayer, and myself on a tour of the school.  We talked to students and staff in the lunchroom. The school has three separate lunches during the school day and we were there during the fourth- and fifth grade lunch period. I especially enjoyed talking to the teachers who shared details about their jobs and their teaching careers.

In Tim Casper’s Comprehensive Life Skills (CLS) classroom, I had an opportunity to meet students and sit down to interact with them one-on-one. What a joy to really get to know students, experience their joy in learning, and see their personalities light up the classroom.

The third grade students in Lori Bell’s class were comfortably working in their reading groups. The students were reading and learning about rainforests. On their desks, I saw their work that included flipbooks and cursive writing. The students were curious about our visit and we all introduced ourselves and told the students about our roles in WCSD.

Baylee Hearns’ first grade students were busy counting and doing work with numbers. The kids were working with partners. They were putting markers on a table to graph the answers to the problems they were solving. I asked the students about their work and enjoyed hearing their explanations. They were very animated and excited.

In the next classroom, Trustee Mayer and I joined first grade students singing and acting out several songs in their music class. Music teacher Timothy Reynolds was teaching them to sing One, Two, Buckle My Shoe and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Trustee Mayer and I knew the words and learned the actions along with the kids.

All of the students in Jennifer Wigfield’s and Alicia Shaw’s second grade classroom were having great conversations describing something they loved that happened at school during the week. The students had thoughtful dialogue and it was so enjoyable to listen to their conversations.

Lateisha Sheldon’s fourth grade students just returned from recess and were ready to sit down and focus. They were doing a textual evidence exercise about a reading on the Titanic. The students were doing a small group read and were ready to discuss the details of the lesson.

My thanks to the staff and students at Double Diamond Elementary School for such an enjoyable visit. Go Coyotes!