Great first day of school visits at Incline Village and Revitalized schools

Incline Village students, teachers, administrators, and staff had a great start to their 2018-2019 school year. All three schools were filled with excited, happy students. A second grade student told me, “This is the best day of my life!” He was certainly thrilled to be at school on Monday.

I started the day at Incline Middle School where Principal Sharon Kennedy told me that the enrollment numbers increased this year for their sixth- through eighth grade school. I visited students and teachers in World History, Academic Success, English, and math classes. I also saw the kids in passing as they moved through the hallways to their next class. The seventh and eighth grade students were confidently navigating the hallways. The sixth grade students looked less confident but, I am sure they will know their way around shortly!

Incline High School runs a non-traditional schedule on the first day of school. Principal Andrew Yoxsimer and his administrative team have set up an impressive schedule that includes a brief visit to each of their classes with mini-sessions dispersed throughout the day. At these sessions, students learned about academic goals, financial goals, health/fitness goals, and values. They also had a school assembly and ended the day with a guest speaker talking about the choices we make. Overall, it was an inspiring and motivating start to the school year.

At Incline Elementary School, Principal Daniel Zimmerman took us to visit several classrooms. Students and teachers were learning about school and classroom rules and were getting acquainted. I enjoyed talking to the students in kindergarten, first-, and second grade classes. I loved seeing the creative ways teachers were talking to students about learning, being kind, and working hard. The students were having a lot of fun meeting their fellow classmates and new teachers.

I was pleased to see the great work and sense of community at our three Incline schools. They are off to a terrific start to the school year. I was also pleased to see students and staff enjoying the revitalization work completed at two of our schools this summer. Both Picollo and Lenz Elementary School started school on Monday to accommodate the construction work at their schools.

Principal Lara O’Mara highlighted the many upgrades at Picollo. This summer, a new boiler and piping was installed for the swimming pool. Aqua therapy is a weekly class for all students at the school. There are beautiful murals surrounding the pool, and with a more functional and upgraded boiler and piping, the students will really be able to enjoy this therapy. In addition, upgrades to classroom restrooms and the HVAC system were accomplished.  I visited with students and staff in kindergarten and adaptive PE. I also visited their Home Economics lab and saw how nicely the new design is working for students.

My final visit was at Lenz Elementary School where a new air conditioning system was installed this summer. Additionally, the school had upgrades to their water and fire alarm system and had new flooring installed. I am sure the students and staff appreciated the new air conditioning system. I know I did! I was quite impressed that the sixth grade students in Mr. Lindquist’s class were able to tell me all of the upgrades at their school. They especially liked the new carpet in the halls and classrooms. Principal Bill Burt and I talked to the custodians who stayed busy this summer and worked diligently to help the school get ready to open on Monday. I enjoyed spending time visiting with students and teachers in their classrooms. The rooms were cheerful and well organized. Kudos to the teachers for putting their rooms together so quickly. It was great to meet the kindergarten teachers getting ready to start on Monday. I also talked to several incoming kindergarten students and parents who were at school for their kinder screening. These young students were excited to begin their K-12 journeys.

All of the first day of school activities were great this year. I appreciate the time all of the administrators and their staff spent with me on a very busy day. I know that Incline Elementary, Middle and High schools as well as Picollo and Lenz Elementary School are going to have an amazing school year.