What Do You Think? Community Encouraged to Take School Finance Survey

Nevada Ready logoAugenblick, Palaich and Associates (APA) is currently conducting a school finance study on behalf of the state of Nevada that includes identifying the resources needed to serve at-risk students, English language learners (ELs), and special education students. APA believes that incorporating a strong Nevada perspective is essential to the study, and will be gathering feedback to be incorporated in the study team’s final recommendations for changes to the funding system. APA is currently gathering feedback on the current education finance system, including the system’s strengths and weaknesses and thoughts on how the finance system could be revised to best address the needs of students, schools and districts.

An online survey will be open from July 9th– 22nd to gather this feedback from educators, parents and community members at (copy and paste into your browser):


Additional regional educator listening sessions were also planned for July, but given district feedback, have been rescheduled to September. At that time, any interested education practitioners will be able to provide feedback on the draft recommendations for changes to the funding system.

Your feedback is valuable, and APA hopes that you will participate in the online survey. Thank you for your time and participation in this important work.