Traci Davis visits Alyce Taylor Elementary School

I enjoyed a wonderful visit at Taylor Elementary School. As I arrived at the school, I noticed the spectacular and immaculate grounds. There were flowers and flowering shrubs all over. It looked absolutely beautiful. Principal Kate Austill greeted me and we joined students on the playground as they arrived at school. The school has large and well-maintained playgrounds for the students. All of the kids were playing and getting ready to start their day. I enjoyed talking to the first graders about their favorite books, their brothers and sisters, and what they love about Taylor ES. The kids were so excited and sweet. It was a joy to talk to them.

Principal Austill had 2 sixth grade students join her for the morning announcements to lead the school in the Pledge of Allegiance. The girls did a great job and presented themselves very well. I enjoyed the positive, upbeat message for students who were completing their SBAC tests. I’m sure the message was helpful.

On the way to visit classrooms, I met several fifth-graders in the quad. One young man was wearing a Red Sox shirt so we talked baseball. Another group of young men talked with me about their plans for the summer. They agreed to stay focused and work hard for the rest of the school year but are certainly looking forward to the summer break.

In Joel Wilson’s fifth grade classroom, I talked to the students as they were getting ready to start the final SBAC Math testing. I gave them a little pep talk and told them to do their best. The students were relaxed and ready to get started.

Students in Caitlin Hodges’ sixth grade classroom were doing a math warm-up exercise to prepare for their math lesson. I talked to several students who showed me their personal reading books. They were telling me how much they liked their books and encouraged me to read them.

Team teachers Toni McPartland and Clarissa Crisologo and their students were doing work in centers. Some students were reading with their teachers, some students were doing a spelling word assignment, some students were working on iPads, and some students were doing individual reading. I visited with a young man who read me a story about tigers. He was definitely an advanced reader. When I asked him about this, he gave all the credit to his teacher, Ms. McPartland. Our students are fortunate to have such caring and talented teachers.

The students in Sylvia Wilson’s and Angela Kluska’s team taught second grade class were just starting an assignment. They were very quiet and focused even though this was a large class. The students asked me a few questions about my job and their school. The students enthusiastically shared with me how much they love math and reading.

My thanks to Principal Austill and her staff for hosting me. I appreciate all of the information and details that she shared with me about Taylor ES. The school has an amazing culture, which was evident as I watched students and parents arriving at the start of the day and observed students and teachers in their classrooms. I enjoyed my time with the Alyce Taylor Gators!