Lemmon Valley Leopards welcome superintendent

I had a great time visiting Lemmon Valley Elementary School and talking to Principal Michael Lansing. Principal Lansing shared all of the great things going on with the Lemmon Valley Leopards. We also talked about his transition to the school and to our community. His experience as a principal in New Hampshire has helped him at Lemmon Valley Elementary School. He told me about his great staff and the support he has received at the District level. He did say that he is adapting to the much larger size of our District. He has found everyone to be very helpful. He brings a great deal of enthusiasm and a diverse background to Lemmon Valley ES. His focus on student achievement is superb.

We also talked about assessments, and the improvements the Lemmon Valley ES students are achieving. Principal Lansing is truly data driven and has immersed himself with this information so that he and his staff can continue to support all students at the school. He shared with me the supports and resources which are available for his students.

It is such a pleasure to spend time in classrooms. Seeing teachers in their element and the students engaged in learning is such a joy. The students at Lemmon Valley were engaged, happy learners and I enjoyed talking to a few of the kids as we visited classrooms.

Caree Walker’s and Krista Wieser’s first grade students were doing an ELA lesson. The students were identifying synonyms in their reading assignment. They were also focusing on vowel sounds with these synonyms.

In Mona Lippman’s first grade classroom, students were working in their reading groups. All of the students were doing different exercises. I was impressed with their attention to their tasks. Several of the students showed me what they were reading and were able to tell me a few details about the story.

I enjoyed seeing the great reading centers in Catherine Vierra’s first grade classroom. These students were also focused on their tasks and were working independently. The students were really having fun reading.

The students in Tamara Bender’s kindergarten class were watching an interesting video on Mayan culture. They were learning about their buildings, astronomy studies, and daily activities. I learned a few details that enlightened me as well.

Kevin Moore was teaching his second grade students about dot painting. They were getting ready to work on an art project using this technique. The students were excited to get started.

I talked to several students in Katrina Morgan’s strategies class. The students were working on computers, building with blocks, practicing vocabulary words, and working with alphabet letters. They were so excited to talk to me and tell me everything about what they were working on. Their smiles lit up the entire room.

During a scheduled intervention time, I visited Heidi Warren and her EL students. They were talking about tools to analyze reading assignment for better comprehension. They were using thoughts, characters, words, and actions to retell the stories. They were working with a partner and enjoying their partner’s version of the story.

The fifth grade students in Ryan Decasa’s class were learning about Socratic Seminar Circles. They were getting ready to use this for a reading comprehension lesson. The lesson focused on the “what and why” so that they could prepare to use it. The students were really using their listening skills and were asking some great questions.

In the school lunch room, I talked to the kitchen staff who always work hard to provide our students with healthy meals. I also saw a great PBIS tool that they students use to win awards. Principal Lansing told me all about it and was excited to share the fun awards that the students have already won and can win in the future.

A big thank you to all of the students and staff at Lemmon Valley Elementary School for welcoming me to their school. I really enjoyed talking to Principal Lansing about what is working at his school. The hard work of students and teachers was evident in every classroom I visited. I appreciate everything you are doing. Go Leopards!