Superintendent Davis visits Reno High School

I enjoyed a special visit at Reno High School with Principal Kris Hackbusch, the administrative team, counselors, teachers, and students. The staff spent time sharing information about the plan they follow to support success for all students. They have a thorough process in place to connect with students and parents that focuses on building strong, trusting relationships. They have incorporated a progressive discipline process that stays in the classroom with teachers which has enabled them to eliminate formal detention and Saturday school programs.

The administrative and counseling teams have programs and follow-up processes to support struggling students. They have implemented staff and student recognition programs to extend positivity throughout the school. To accommodate today’s learners, they are planning new classes next year that teach important topics such as ethics for social media and ethics, diversity and social justice. Another big focus is professional learning for the educators. This includes Equity and Diversity, Stetson, 21st Century, SEL, PBIS, MTSS, and GT certification for teachers. The staff at Reno High School is driven for success and they dedicate their efforts towards enabling all students to fulfill their potential.

I always have a great time visiting classrooms where I can see the teachers and students in their element. I was so impressed with the rapport that was demonstrated in each and every classroom I visited. The students were eager and engaged and the teachers were dynamic and focused!

I visited Phil Pavilionis’ Sports Medicine class where students were learning about ankle rehabilitation. Students in Armando Gonzalez’s Spanish 5/6 class were immersed in their lesson and I noticed that it was a very large classroom of students. Richard Clark’s students were preparing for the national We the People competition in Washington D.C. they will be attending soon.  I wish them the best of luck at the event but definitely feel like they are preparing themselves to excel while representing WCSD and Reno HS. Matt Ochs’ AP U.S. History students were divided into two groups to prepare for a class presentation about the national culture in the 1920’s. AP Physics students in Aaron Shoolroy’s class were studying and preparing for a test on energy. They were having group discussions to cement their knowledge for the test. Marie Ramsey’s freshmen English students were doing a timed test. While they were working, Ms. Ramsey showed me the persuasive essays the students turned in and highlighted the way they annotated their own paper to demonstrate the components of their essay. My last classroom visit was to Brad Naughton’s and Danny Schott’s Foundation in Geometry class. The students were doing a group lesson working with circles, diameters, and angles. The kids were sharp and confidently solving the problems. There was a real comradery in every classroom we visited. Students and teachers were working together and pushing themselves academically.

Ninth grade students joined me in the Alumni Center for a special lunch meeting. I talked to the students about the phenomenal support for them at Reno HS. We talked about issues they face at school and how they can overcome and grow from these experiences. We talked about the freshman seminar and mentoring program they’ve experienced. Most of the freshman hope to be mentors for future freshman – that is a true testament to the success of the program. Students shared their favorite things about Reno HS and the relationships they have built at the school. We talked about graduation and their options for the future. The students were engaging and excited.

I appreciate the time that the Reno HS staff spent with me. They are rightly proud of the great work they are doing for students. They are constantly striving to improve and have made significant progress. Thanks to the Reno Huskies for a great visit.